Tutti Frutti Afternoon With Hell Bunny

The new Hell Bunny collection for spring and summer 2017 includes a Tropical Collection and this very fun and cute Tutti Frutti print. So I couldn't resist buying the top from this collection. 

I've always been in love with fun prints as they can boost the colour in your outfit or create a more relaxed look when paring it with a classic piece.

For this look I pared the Hell Bunny Tutti Frutti top with a classic black pencil skirt from Vintage Chic by TopVintage. The pencil skirt gives a very sophisticated look while the top provides all the fun needed.

The Tutti Frutti top is made out of a comfortable yet sturdy cotton/elastane mix which makes sure everything stays in place while you are wearing the top. This mix is necessary since the straps need to stay in place as they hold up the entire top. The straps are adjustable in length in the back with buttons. I like this since it gives a better and smoother finish to the garment. 

I really like the design of this top since it gives a very vava voom feeling due to the crossed straps in the front and the top itself has a bustier like shape and it is stitched in panels so give extra shape and sturdiness. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is that it has a quite short bodice. But I tend to have this issue with a lot of tops since I have quite a long body. 

I tend to be between an extra small and small for Hell Bunny but I opted for the small since the top doesn't have any stretch to it due to the fabric mix. When the top arrived I thought that I should've gone for the extra small because the bust area wasn't to my liking. I don't have a big bust and this top requires some volume to make sure it fits well and looks good. 

In the end I'm quite glad that I sticked with size small since I always wash all my garments before wearing them the first time and apparently this one shrunk a little bit even though I followed the washing instructions to the letter. The straps and bust are a bit tighter now yet still comfortable. 

The Tutti Frutti Top is available on the Hell Bunny website in the Tropical Collection for €33,99 but since shipping from the UK isn't cheap for me I bought it on the TopVintage Retro Boutique for €29,95, it is still available in all sizes on TopVintage. 

If you like the print but don't like the design of the top you can always take a look at the Hell Bunny or TopVintage website since the collection also has a swing dress in two different styles, a head scarf and even a bikini in this gorgeous print. 

I also want to thank my wonderful husband Ignace for putting up with me while taking these pictures. I think you've done a great job.

Full outfit details 
Belt - Hell Bunny
Cardigan - Voodoo Vixen
Stockings - Emilio Cavallini
Shoes - Madden Girl by Steve Madden

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The Martie by Hell Bunny

I bought this dress on the 20th of August in 2016, just in time for the annual Rockabilly Day held in Assenede, Belgium. Sadly I don't have any pictures of this event and I only wore it once after this, to leave on our honeymoon to Kos, Greece in September. It usually turns cold and rainy after that with just a few good days in the last months of the year. So since the sun was out in its full glory this weekend I took my chance to take the dress back out of my closet again.

The dress is a wonderful mint green colour with tiny black polkadots and cute bows. I has a wonderful full circle skirt, a tight bodice and adjustable straps with buttons, which I truly love since it is a wonderful way to hide it and keep the elegance of the dress. And to top it all of it has a gorgeous black ribbon that can be use as belt. 

I paired this gorgeous dress with the ivory petticoat from Dancing Days by Banned which has a nice soft silky feel and has, for me, the right amount of poofiness. I bought for my wedding and it is a perfect match in this sunny weather but you could also wear it easily with another colour of petticoat to contrast the dress. 

The dress pattern itself is quite simple, the bodice is tight fitting with a straight neckline and straight broad straps which give a secure and firm feeling while wearing the dress. Even though I like to dress and feel pretty I always want to feel comfortable in the clothes that I am wearing. There shouldn't be much tucking and pulling on clothes as they should stay in place in whatever position you are moving your body. 

The full circle skirt has two small pockets with tiny bows as details. I like the buttons on the front side of the dress because it gives the idea that you entirely button down this dress even if it's just for show. 

I am wearing the Martie Swing Dress in size S, which is a perfect fit for my 72 cm waist and smaller bust but if you have a fuller bust I would recommend sizing up because it's going to become very tight otherwise, you can always make the bodice tighter with a broad belt or ribbon if it is too loose. The fabric is made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane and importantly if washed correctly the colours don't blend into each other. 

I checked the TopVintage website and sadly the dress is sold out and won't come back in stock. But off course you can search for this lovely online. 
Full outfit details

Petticoat — Dancing Days by Banned
Sunglasses — Collectif Clothing
Shoes — H&M
Watch — Vintage store in Kos, Greece

Thanks you very much Sugaladylove (my wonderful sister) for these amazing pictures and for putting up with me while shooting them. I would love to repeat this again for future posts. 

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The Dolores by Collectif Clothing

I few months ago I bought this lovely dark red Dolores Top from Collectif Clothing. This wonderful top had been on my wishlist for several months but I always doubted purchasing it since I was scared that the sleeves would be itchy and annoying or would stay in place while wearing it.

The Dolores Top is a peasant style top with gathering at the bust and two lovely buttons. So that your curves really stand out. It is a delight to wear to be honest. Every vintage and retro loving girl should own this kind of top. The best part is that Collectif Clothing has brought out a whole new collection of colours and prints for this top this season. Colours at the moment are black, green, navy, red, light blue, lilac and white but there is also a whole collection of prints that match with a ton of other pieces from Collectif. 

Since I still don't have a photographer or haven't had the time to invest into a camera stand you'll have to do with my outfit of the day pictures from instagram. 

The red Dolores Top paired with the Hell Bunny Lighthouse circle skirt

I just love how it looks with almost anything. It can be classy with a cardigan but also were playfull thanks to it's puffy sleeves that you can either wear on or off your shoulders. The possibilities are almost endless in my opinion. It's also a great top to put on and off since it has such a wide neckline and thanks to the handy zipper on the side you can easily slide it on and off without damaging your gorgeous hairdo.

The Dolores Top is priced at 25,50 British Pounds on Collectif Clothing or 34,95 Euro on Topvintage                     Retro Boutique, sizes 6 to 22 and is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex to fit all our curves.

I will be ordering some more of these wonderful tops in the future. 

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Searching for the perfect dress

Life is full of great news. One of my nephews is having his Holy Communion in May and my Uncle is getting married in June. Which means I have to invest in two new gorgeous dresses for these wonderful events. My search began a few days ago when my mom and sister were already showing off their dresses in our What's App conversations. So I started thinking about what I would want to wear.. A swing dress? A pencil dress? Skirt and top? 

When I couldn't really decide on what I decided that it was time to get some inspiration from my favorite vintage blogger Miss VV. I got some wonderful ideas from her blog and decided that I wouldn't just browse TopVintage for once. These are special occasions and they deserve special clothes. 

The Isabelle dress by Zoe Vine caught my eye but I was pretty sad to learn that it is already sold out and only available in blue, green and yellow. The green and yellow are too bright for my taste and the blue variant with the print isn't festive enough. Although I would love to own this dress for this summer season. 

I went on to the website of Voodoo Vixen and Collectif Clothing to find a few more pretty dresses but I still wasn't convinced to purchase one. This is the selection I made (you can click the photos to be redirected to the website). 

I would purchase all of these dresses if I had the money but sadly I don't and can't really afford any outburst of sudden shopping. Although I did had a tiny outburst on the TopVintage website and bought a summer circle skirt which will be featured on my blog soon.

In the end I decided to wait and keep an eye on my favorite brands and to keep an eye out at the new vintage clothing line by Top Vintage, Vintage Diva Clothing. You can already view some sneak peaks of their brand new designs on their instagram page and on the TopVintage facebook page
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My handbag essentials

Now that I am done binge watching Gilmore Girls (7seasons in 3 weeks while working full time at my job) I can focus again on my blog. I needed a little break from technology and writing to clear my mind.

My purse is the most important item that I carry with me all day long. It houses my most important items such as my cellphone, wallet and so on... But I have a bad tendency to use my purse, even the pretty and expensive ones, as trashcans. I'm very much against street littering so when I can't find a trashcan on the street or close by I just use my purse to store it until I finally decide to clean out my purse.

Today I decided it was time again and I saw a good opportunity to show what my purse essentials are, so I just turned my purse upside down and got everything that isn't behind a closed zipper out. 

This black purse is one of my favorites. I purchased it almost three years ago at shoe discount for about 30 euro and I still love it. It's the perfect size so I cant overload it and it goes with every outfit, although I do want some of those gorgeous lola ramona purses from the SS17.

As you can see it's a mess. I usually just throw everything in it. Let's just get the other thing out of the way as well in the mean time. Yes I smoke, Yes I am aware it's not good for you but I would like to skip the comments on it. 

So this is everything that was in there plus a dirty handkerchief but I'm going to spare you and left that out of the image. Of course your wallet is one of the most basic essentials in my purse together with the Greek cats baggy which holds all my loose change.

Topvintage Retro Boutique has given me a lot of great tiny gifts that are now some of my essentials. The purple one is a thin mirror, the pink rectangle is a dust rollers for your clothes and the pink circle is a pocket hairbrush with mirror. In the beige tiny bag I also hold a tiny bottle of perfume, bobby pins in case I lose one, hair ties and a nail file. I break one of my nails in the most weird/awkward of places. 

Some of my other essentials include my MaxMara vintage inspired glasses to wear behind my computer or while watching tv. I don't have to wear glasses because my eyesight is bad but to keep my eyes from getting tired and getting a headache from watching LED screens. My Yves Rocher lip balm with cranberries and almonds and a notebook to take with me when I'm going to the fabric store. I'm planning on making a full circle skirt for myself with my newly bought Singer sewing machine. 

I'm sure other people have other essentials but this usually does it for me. When I'm wearing lipstick though I usually also take it with me. 

What are your essentials to put in your handbag?

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